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RATING: 3.5/5

During my last ELF haul a month ago, I was gifted this quad for inviting 3 people to the website. I am not sure whether or not the gifts are the same for all the referrals since I saw somebody receive the same palette. Anyway, the website swatches shouldn't ever be trusted. It makes the colours look matte when they are in fact shimmery. This is my first eye shadow palette from ELF since I usually just order their face and lip products and I must say that I really like it.

I am really cheap and I try my best to find the absolute best quality products for low prices (which seems unrealistic) so I guess I should already let you guys know from here that I am a drugstore freak and will rarely feature high-end products unless I just feel like investing in something that I know for sure is great. I need money to be experimental and sadly, these things are the only thing I can afford.

So I've tried many drugstore quads before mainly from Rimmel and Covergirl and they are not as pigmented as this ELF palette (I know shades 1 & 2 barely show but blame that on my flash and skin tone). What I love the most about this product is how smooth the application it. It isn't creamy (obviously) but it's so easy to apply and isn't at all chalky. To be honest, I don't think you even need a base or a primer to get the full effect of the pigmentation. They are easy to blend and the colours are great for an everyday neutral/natural look. The only thing I do not like is obviously the lasting power but you get what you pay for, right? That's probably the only reason why I use a primer when I use this product. I tend to move my face a lot and let it touch too many surfaces (LOL, so unsanitary).

To describe the colours more precisely (check my swatches for reference), shade #1 is a light sheer colour with a golden tint that's perfect for highlight, #2 is a peachy nude which can be used as a mid tone on your lids or highlight, #3 is a beautiful bronze that adds a bit of depth to the crease during a natural look and can also be a mid tone on your lids for a smokey evening look, and #4 is perfect for the outer lid to give you a classy smokey eye.

I've been using this everyday because I just love this quad and I would probably buy the other colours.

Do you have this product? What do you think of it? If not, would you buy this product (if you're incredibly cheap and poor like me)?


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