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(swatches included have no primer or base)

Includes: 12 eye shadows, 1 eyeliner, 1 sponge tip applicator, mirror
Cost: $5.00
Where to get it: CVS, Walmart, Target for U.S. / Zellers & Factory Direct for Canada / EYESLIPSFACE.COM
Finish: Mostly shimmery with a few matte and a shade with matte finish and chunky glitter
Pigmentation: Varies from sheer to highly pigmented
Chalky: Very chalky
Lasting Power: Not long at all itself - requires a primer or base
Creasing: Of course
Additional Thoughts: To be honest, I thought they would all be really pigmented because I really enjoyed their Beauty Encyclopedia (I'll do a review on that too). I enjoy the shimmery shades the most because they are smooth to apply and have the most pigmentation. I really like how there are a combination of neutral and colourful shades. However, the pigmentation of the colourful ones weren't as strong as I would've hoped (the purples and turquoise). If shimmer or chalkiness isn't your thing, this is definitely not for you. You need to pack some of them on because once blended, it will barely show. The inconsistent pigmentation bothers me.
Recommended: For those who don't use makeup often and want something affordable for the evening night out
Would I re-purchase: No.
Overall Rating: 3/5


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