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*Excuse how oily my skin looks, I've just applied eye gel*

I think it's fair to say that I have monolids but I am still wondering if it's still a monolid because I do not even have one... My lid space is about the size of a typical line you would make on your eyelids. Instead of my eyelids stretching to cover my eyes, the bottom half of my eye is usually what stretches when I close my eyes.

Anyway, I have neglected my eyelashes because no matter what mascara I used and no matter how many times I clamp the curler around my lashes, they just never curl. I really hate the fact that I have full and thick eyelashes yet they point down due to my lack of crease so they cover my pupils and drag my eye down.

For those people who do not have big eyes - whether you have monolids (or none at all) or droopy eyes - or those people who just have stubborn eyelashes that just won't curl, we all know that eyelashes are perfect for enhancing the eye area to make you look more awake or just add drama to your look.

Here are some tips that you should consider before repurchasing a new mascara or eyelash curler:


1. Curling in segments is key. Divide your eyelashes in three or two segments depending on how long your lashes are: root, move to 1/3 of your lashes, 3/4 of your lashes. When you get to these sections, have a tight enough clamp around the lashes but not so harshly that they'll be ripped or folded and repeat as desired.
2. Pulse clamping as you move to those key sections to avoid rough angles. As you move to those key areas, do gently pulse clamping (repeatedly clamping your curler) movements in a gentle manner to avoid the harsh angles and having a curve curl instead.
3. When using mascara, find a waterproof mascara. Most mascaras that aren't waterproof are water-based so they will get rid of your curl (just like wetting straight hair that's been curled by an iron).
4. If you want to use mascara and you have a monolid and do not want to get it on your lid and make a mess, tilt your head back or keep your head straight and stare down (without moving your head) during application and fan your eyes with a piece of cardboard to quickly dry them.

  Curled w/ mascara

Curled w/ mascara

Since I have thick lashes, I often do not use mascara since it doesn't seem needed and the curl lasts me all day. If you're curious, I used an regular eyelash curler w/ no brand and CoverGirl Lashblast in Waterproof Very Black (which I have had for years since I do not invest in mascaras at all) in this picture.


April Cheung said...

thanks so much for this post! i've been looking for someone to write a makeup tip on these kinds of eyes!

Kimi The Goddaughter said...

Great post :) it seems you have the same eyes as I do which are hooded monolids, and I've had problems in the past with mascara smudging everywhere. I'm considering on trying the maybelline rocket mascara it's waterproof and voluminous, just hoping it doesn't smudge on my oily lids and isn't a nightmare to take off lol

Naveed shaikh said...

Thank you very much for the sharing! COOL..
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