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I haven't really updated in awhile even though I want to because I have so much ideas for prom looks.. Ugh, honestly, if I had a video camera, I'd film it because editing photos to tutorial format stinks. It's too time consuming for me since I have to watermark it and make sure everything is proportional. I'm still trying to figure out what sort of template I should make the tutorials like. I'm pretty much a perfectionist with these things. I strive for consistency yet I can't seem to keep up. Lol. Anyway, even if I were to make videos, I can't get the hang of editing them. I managed to do it really well on my old netbook but now, it's taking me much longer to do things because the program looks different here (using Windows 7) and I've only technically used the program once (2 years ago ish).

I should try and get a hold of Photoshop for this computer or at least clean my room and set up my desktop since that one has the program. It's old though.. I got it when I was in grade 9 and I'm almost in 3rd year of university. Haha. I really want Photoshop because editing is a breeze there. I do not have to worry about anything. I've been using Paint.. lol.. I could download another program but honestly, I'm too lazy and I've likely tried it before and think it's a waste of my time.

So what's coming soon? Well, I have found a website for those who live in Canada (sorry to those who don't) and it's amazing because they have the things that I can't find in my typical drugstore or beauty store here in Toronto. Not only that but it's free shipping as well and you don't need a minimum purchase - you just have to be in Canada. I will be doing a Mario Badescu review since I've been using the samples I've received from them. I got another batch because right when I signed up, I asked my boyfriend to sign up to and use his address and just give me the stuff he gets.. LOL. Also, the Katy Perry looks and prom looks. :D Tune in for those. I am just waiting until my stupid face clears up (foreshadowing the MB review). 

Have a good day everyone while I go through a 100-question exam review. :D


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