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1. Blotting Tissues: Since I assume most of you will be dancing or at least feeling sweaty from the environment, it is good to have these around to absorb the oil and shine off your face instead of reapplying powder (which can lead to a cakey face). You don't even need to buy an expensive high end brand because in my opinion, they are all the same. You can just go to your nearest dollar store and buy these party gift tissue papers that people use to spruce up their gift bags. Just cut them up into tiny squares and they will probably last you forever.

2. Waterproof Makeup: Same reason as above - you will sweat and you do not want smearing or any mess ups in your makeup.

3. Safety Pins: You never know when your outfit is too tight from too much dance movements and it could just slip or rip. Whatever it may be, just keep a few of these babies in case an a scandalous accident occurs.

4. Deodorant: This is pretty self-explanatory. You dance. You sweat. Sweat dries. You will get stink Just pick your favourite deodorant and pop it in your clutch. I'm sure they have mini travel - sized versions if it's too chunky for you. Make sure you wipe the sweat off before applying this.

5. Bobby pins/hair ties: Since you will be moving a lot and sweating, your hairspray may not maintain its superb hold. In case of a few strands that are out of place, you can quickly fix it. I prefer the ones with the ridges rather than a smooth surface because it tends to be tighter and grips the hair better.

6. Compact mirror: When I went to prom, the washroom was bombarded with other girls fixing their makeup and taking mirror pictures with their friends. If you want to avoid the hassle, bring a compact mirror so you don't have to worry about making anybody wait as well as waiting for somebody else. We all do not like fighting for space.

7. Gum: You never know when you might be dancing a little too closely with somebody to your favourite music. ;D


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