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I have never ordered anything from Etsy for some reason and I guess it was about time since they sell a lot of handmade and unique products from jewelry to cosmetics to furniture which I think is really awesome. Plus, I'm really cheap and I need to find a place to order jewelry from besides Forever 21.. >_>;

When I first saw these I thought that they looked really well made for such an affordable price. I soon had the suspicion that the seller isn't the one who handcrafted these pieces since I saw other sellers selling the same products for around the same price. They were all from Hong Kong so I thought it was funny and that they probably got it from a wholesale manufacturer.

Nonetheless, I still ordered some because they were inexpensive. I paid around $20 for the 4 items including shipping. They are exactly as the pictures the seller shows and they are heavy and very detailed. If you want to know where I got mine, it's from here.


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