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For those who do not have a collection of eye makeup or those who do not wear makeup daily, this look is perfect for its subtle simplicity for when you feel like dressing up your eyes a bit more than you usually do.

I'm sure that even if you don't have any makeup, the things you'll need can be found at your mom or sister's vanity table.

You will need:
- a pressed/setting powder
- your chosen eyeshadow of any colour (I'll use turquoise)
- concealer that's close or a match to your skin tone
- eyeshadow brush / sponge tip applicator
- a black kohl pencil (preferably waterproof)
- a white kohl pencil (optional)
- mascara (optional)
- eyelash curler (optional)

What you need  to do:
1. Apply a thin layer concealer all over your lids and under your eyes evenly.
2. Using an eyeshadow brush/sponge tip applicator, pat the powder over the concealer on your eyes.
3. Now dab your eyeshadow brush/sponge tip applicator on the eyeshadow shade that you'd like to use and apply it on your crease area. Blend inwards towards your tear ducts, making sure the colour intensity is more prominent on the outer eye.
4. Use your black eyeliner to lightly line your lower lashes (as if you're connecting them) underneath your waterline instead of on the waterline itself (tight lining).
5. If you want to look brighter and more awake, line your waterline with the white kohl eyeliner.
6. Curl your lashes and apply mascara if you want your eyes to stand out even more. I opted out the mascara and just chose to curl my lashes.
7. For a more defined face, fill in your eyebrows. I used my black eyeliner to barely fill it in.

For more a slightly dramatic evening look:
8. In addition to all the steps, just take your black eyeliner and draw on your outer crease.
9. Take your eyeshadow brush and just grab a bit more of the eyeshadow you're using and go over where you've placed the eyeliner and the rest of your lids. Blend it well.
10. Line your bottom waterline with black eyeliner and smudge the outer corner out.



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